To many fans, for many years when you mention the city of Los Angeles you immediately think purple and gold correct? Well this year things have changed a tad bit around the city of L.A., for starters Phil Jackson is no longer there. VH1's Khloe and Lamar has moved to the city of Dallas, because Odom's job has had a change of scenary. Meanwhile, the step child Clippers have gathered ammunition to battle the Lakers for the cities crown by adding superstar guard Chris Paul to the roster. Not only did they grab Paul, they made moves to capture Chauncey Billups and lure Caron Butler back to the city of L.A. . Waiting in the wings for his troops is none other than the man-child himself, no people not the one in Miami, im talking about Mr. Blake Griffin! The Clippers have loaded up, and are ready to make a stand this year already taking the first two preseason games. People all over have taken those to preseason games and turned this into a rivalry already, it's still early on in the season and both teams are in contention. Over the past two nights the city has been raving about the stellar play of number 24, on back to back nights he has dropped 40+points. Headlines and the media full of nothing but talks of Kobe and Co. have pushed the Clippers right back to being the step-child in L.A.. With the season young the Lakers are in third place in the conference at (8-4), while the Clippers are at the numer six slot (5-3). Out of all five victories none bigger than last nights win at home in L.A. vs Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. That win last night has shifted the momentum back even,  as this battle of L.A. continues, you can downplay it as much as you want its war though. We all know that this battle within L.A. has captured the attention of the basketball sports world. It would be foolish to say it hasn't, I can say this it will keep both teams on their P's and Q's. The two teams meet for the first time in the regular season saturday where the Clips are the home team. Lets see where the momentum shifts after January 14th shall we.

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