JB: What other colleges/universities were recruiting you
besides PC?

VC: Rutgers, st johns, setoff hall, south florida, fairfield,
kent st, miami, tcu…etc


JB:What have you done in the off-season to improve your game?

VC: I have gotten stronger, also improve my jumper, but most importantly my  leadership skills


JB: Would you say that this year is a rebuilding year for
Friar Basketball or Do you feel that PC will be in the mix with the rest of the
Big East?

VC: I think we are young but we are still in the mix of things i believe.


JB: What has been your biggest influence?

VC:Honestly, building a foundation for my family has been my biggest influenc and motivation.


JB: Describe the type of role you are playing now that
MarShon Brooks has moved on to the NBA and Duke Mondy is no longer with the

VC:Just being the go to player, and make things happen out there for my team.


JB: With the firing of former Head Coach Keno Davis, How has
the team responded to New Head Coach Ed Cooley?

VC:I think the team has responded with more maturity, we are still adjusting to things.


JB: After finishing 4-14 in the conference a season ago, what
steps are being made by the program to push Friar Basketball in the positive

VC: To just to give it your all everyday and best effort every game night in and night out.


JB: I'm hearing that Providence has signed arguably the best
shooting guard in the country Ricky Ledo, Do you feel he will be an
instant contributor next season? 

VC: Yes, I do believe he will be an instant contributor to this team come next season.


JB: What Big East Conference game does Vincent Council get
ampd up for? I know all of them, but what team sticks out most?

VC: Its tough, but i'm going to have to say St . Johns University because its so close to home in NY.


JB: Earlier in the season the Friars were in a tournament in South Padre
Island, and you were an All- Tournament Selection, how does that feel?

VC:I feel and believe  that i accomplish a goal by making all tournament team in South Padre  and it feels great to be rewarded for hard work.