For all the people that think Kobe Bryant is washed up please step back and re-think that for a second. Last night vs the Phoenix Suns, Kobe registered a total of 48 points this marks the fourth time in five games that "The Black Mamba" has scored 30+ points. The Lakers outlasted the Suns last night by a score of 99-83 this was the first meeting between the two teams this season. This is Kobe Bryant's 16th season in the NBA (all with the Lakers) and he is 33 years old, most say thats past your prime well in this case that theory is not holding up too well is it? In the game last night i'm hearing via twitter,espn,yahoo etc, that he shot 31 times, he made 18 of them and shot 58% not too bad right? He wasn't hogging the ball by any means it was just a special player having a special night. Lets not leave out he is avgeraging nearly six assist per game (5.8) and pulls down (5.7 rpg), Kobe is also second in the league in scoring right behind Lebron James at (29.5 ppg). I know it's still early on in the season and i may speak to soon, but if the Lakers finish good MVP honors may end up i LA again. So to say that he is washed up is nonsense people look at the cold hard facts and you be the judge.